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ZHIYUN Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise including trade, engineering, and manufacture.
The company is found in 1982 in FuJian Province, and there are two branches in the XiaMen and QuanZhou and factories in the QuanZhou. Through over 30 years of efforts, ZHIYUN has developed to be a professional refrigeration company with considerable size, reputation and influence.



Water Cooling Low Temp...

OUTFLOW TEMPERATURE RANGE:-35℃~-5℃ Anti-Freezing Agents: Glycol, Calcium chloride ZHIYUN water cooling low temperature chiller is made up of the compressor, evaporator, condenser and thermal expansion valve. The compressor is selected from high-quality brands, such like BITZER, FUSHENG, an...

Screw Water Cooling Co...

ZHIYUN screw water cooling condensing unit is equipped with BIZER, HANBELL and FUSHENG screw compressors. Efficient and universal, robust, quiet and low vibration. It is applicable for refrigerant such as R22, R404a, etc.

ZFI Low Temperature Sc...

New Star of Food Freezing Evaporation Range:minimum -40℃ Zfi series low-temperature refrigeration scroll condensing unit adopts Emerson Copeland ZFI series low-temperature refrigeration scroll compressor and high efficiency condenser. DESIGN BENEFIT ? Energy eff...


Designed for -18℃ Cold Storage Evaporation Range:-30℃~0℃ ZSI medium to low temperature scroll condensing unit adopts the Emerson Copland ZSI refrigeration scroll compressor and the highly efficient condenser. DESIGN BENEFIT ? High Reliability - Pate...

Z Series Scroll Air Co...

? High Speed Refrigeration: Large refrigeration capacity and efficient heat exchange to ensure food quality ? High Reliability: Stable Pperation, Low Failure Rate, Long Service Life ? Energy Saving: Improve energy efficiency, Environmental-friendly ? Wide Application: Suita...

Engineering Case
Establishing our perfect pre-sale and after-sale service system,
working the best to satisfy our customers.
which establishes a good market base for sustainable development.

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